[130123/TRANS] Kyuhyun interview with EASY Magazine


Q: Usually you are busy with work, if you were given a break, where would you like to go?

KYUHYUN: The amusement park, it’s been a long time since I went there.
Q: If your girlfriend wants you to wear the animal headband, would you wear it? (Those animal headband from the amusement park) 

KYUHYUN: Not only headband, even if I was supposed to wear other accessories or even paint my face, I’m fine with it. I want to go to the amusement park with my girlfriend

Q: Seems like you have been singing mostly Chinese songs during your solo. How did you put feelings into it? 
KYUHYUN: To be honest i feel that I’m better at singing Chinese songs. The pronunciation is better. Actually my Chinese is not that good but I’m the pronunciation of it!!!


The original intention that was never forgotten.

Q: Looking back at when you first debut, do you feel that you have changed a lot?
Kyu: It’s true that I have seemed to changed in many aspects, compared to when I first debuted, be it my physical appearance or my character, all have changed greatly. But whether it was when I first debuted or now, my original intention has not changed, my original intention of working hard towards my dream, my original intention of putting in as much effort as I can, its still the same.
Q: So what does Super Junior mean to you?
Kyu: The members are active in different areas, when we gather together, we use the identity of Super Junior to show everyone that we energetically strive hard. To me, Super Junior is like my home.


Upcoming in the variety world.

Q: Recently we often here the phrase, “Kyuhyun Trend”?
Kyu: To be honest, “Kyuhyun Trend” is just something I joke about on the show only, I don’t feel that I am the trend. Also, its only until know that I slowly feel that a lot of people recognise me, so I am very happy.
Q: Are you as sharp tongued in real life like on the show?

Kyu: When I am with friend and members, I have a very playful side, I will joke a lot of jokes that could make people angry. But honestly, my style is not one that is often sharp tongued, my usual image is just a playful idol who likes to create mischief.
Q: Does Kim Gura Sunbae often guide you?
Kyu: Kim Gura Hyung is not a gentle and soft person, he will use a more straightforward method to guide me. A few weeks after I first started MC-ing for Radio Star, for the first time, I received a text message from Gura Hyung which said “You have been doing well recently”, I was very touched. It was then that I realised that from the surface, he may not look like he cares about me, but deep in his heart he thinks about me.


Enjoying the pleasant life.

Q: What is your ultimate goal in life?
Kyu: For work, although I started as a singer, the musicals I have acted in have slowly started to receive approval, in variety, even though I am still a beginner, I will continue working hard. I hope to receive greater approval, and become a all-rounded artiste that is acknowledged by everyone. Of course, this is not something easy, even if I were to only concentrate on one aspect, it is still very difficult to achieve success. But I am someone who has a very hardworking personality, in the pst, eve in my dreams, I have never imagined that I can become a Dance Singer, but now aren’t I one? So I want to challenge myself in more aspects through hard work and overcoming obstacles that stand in my way.
Q: What about your personal life?
Kyu: Personal life….. hmmm…. have a girlfriend? Actually what I want to fulfill is to have free time to travel when I am a little older…. how do I say this? I want to live a more relaxing, honestly now, my life is always being chased by work. Although there may be free time in between, I still hope to have a life with more free time in future.

★[WISDOM PART]Translated by Sherlyn at OurGyuhyun
★[DREAM,VARIETY,LIFE PART] Translated by lovechokyulate

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